​New pictures posted  ​periodically.  The latest was added on March 19th, 2017. 
There's also an addition on the Honored Guest page.

​Personal photo album, not everyone has access, for obvious reasons. So don't share! You are one of the priveleged few.

            Pzianian Warrior-Pilot Riken Abruok

​​​​​How can Aaliyah possible resist all of this? So what if I am paler than other warriors.
If anything my coloring makes me look more human, which you would think would
please the impossible Aaliyah Renatta Clarke. I am totally hot as the human women
would say. I am a decorated pilot who flies both transport ships and support ships that
provide the first line of defense when a warship is under attack. I am the top pilot on
The Galaxy Hunter and rank in the top five in all of th the Pzianian fleet. So tell me,
how can she not want me? ​It matters not. She is mine. I have claimed her, and no
matter how many times she swears she will de-alien my most prescious parts, it won't
change the fact that she will be the only female I will ever love. And, I'm pretty sure
she's joking about the neutering. 

Pzianian Co-Leader Bronis Scorpak
 and Honored Guest Ellie Taralucci

​I orchestrated my eldest son's, Fleet Commander Slotan, final voyage to the planet Earth. My eight sons have been growing apart and I wanted to give them the opportunity to strengthen that bond from when they were young. I bred with 7 different Pzian females. One of those females gave me a set of twins, they are the youngest. ​The mission wasn't just my manipulation to pull them together, but also to verify questionable data the latest probe to Earth returned with. The second part of the mission was to return with honored guests who can assist in possible forthcoming negotiations.

I did not expect for them to return with human females they want to life-mate. This is an old custom rarely practiced on our planet. We are a warrior race--males and females.  Nor did I ever dream that they would return with a human female made by the gods and goddesses just for me. I will protect her with my life. I never dreamed, or considered, a female to share my home and life with. Until Ellie.  
​               Moira's Wedding (my favorite picture)

​Each time I, Laurel, look at this picture I can't help but wonder what my beautiful cousin is thinking about. I know she is the happiest I've ever known her to be, but I also know she misses our families and wishes they would have been able to attend. This was taken before the ceremony and arrival of guests and grooms.

​The after ceremony pictures I decided not to put up since it was a lot of screaming, running, and chaos (the snakes showed up just as they finished their vows.)

​Pzianian Warrior-Pilot Codis Thrash

​Bryony will be my life-mate. That is not optional. She has captured my war-hardened heart and my only thoughts now are to make sure she remains mine. Death to any warrior who dares to steal her away. That includes the bagallard Phataz.

​I never knew a male could love a female so. I pray to the gods and goddesses that she will wait until my required tour is completed and I can take a post shuttling supplies from our planet to our docked warships.

Aaliyah Welcoming A New Day

​​​Couldn't resist. She had no idea I took the picture. So is she welcoming the new day, soaking up the rays from the two suns, or sending a prayer for Riken's safe return?  (Pzianian has two suns, one yellow and one red dwarf. They make the most spectacular colors!)
​This is a Crovak warrior. Their wings and talons are retractable. Although I honestly don't see how those wings will fold back up into their bodies without a trace.  ​They wear these horrible masks to intimidate races whose planet they are invading. Zepar says they're as big , if not slightly bigger than Pzian Warriors, and that they lack compassion, are ruthless, and can't be trusted.  He didn't say ​what they look like under those masks, come to think of it.

​The Crovaks tried to claim Pzianian far back in history and that's what started the then Pzian Leader Privok's gene manipulation program. It was a drastic measure and the only chance they stood at defeating the Crovaks. Pzian's are much stronger and faster (on the ground), and have superior technology to the Crovaks--at least for the time being. Bronis and Thalmar keep close tabs on them and will offer shelter and protection to other races who face a Crovak invasion, so long as they are worthy.

​Yep, I'd pee my pants if I saw that landng in my backyard.
​Don't know much about her yet, except she is the one Kodiak was and has always been madly in love with. This was taken a long time ago. Olivia says she was about eight years old at the time. Olivia's never met her and didn't even know about her until just recently. We're hoping that Isabel's still single and that Kodiak will return with her and their daughter. Let's pray she loves Kodiak as much as he does her, and will forgive him for leaving her. He did so to protect her, even though he couldn't tell her that. Kodiak says Isabel is far too good for him. She's kind, funny, loving, intelligent, and gentle. He lied to her about what he did for a living.  He didn't know about his daughter.

​This was taken on their mini-vacation to Bodega Bay. She's very beautiful. Commander Gharm says her daughter looks just like her.  
​Warrior Chell Krantik

​This one we'll have to watch out for. He is half-brother to shamed and outsed Warrior Nopal Sarai. When the humans board the Galaxy Hunter, he intends to seek revenge by killing one of the human, female, honored guests. The Scorpak brothers are unaware of his familial ties to Nopal.  Folow up: on our trip here, he tried to murder Jenna (since he couldn't get to me). Gorgo killed him.
​Call me petty, I don't care! Here's a picture of Slotan's first mate, Hurisol's legs.  What's really interesting is the scattered hair on top of her feet.

​I'm now more determined than ever to not share  knowledge of the medical hair removal wand. Let them believe we are born mostly hairless--they have said they pity us for it. ("Poor human females, you're doomed to freeze to death.") Well, maybe I'll share when I meet  a Pzian female who doesn't look at me like a youngling or weakling, wants to be rid of her excess hair, and actually wants to be friends. So long as she pinkie swears. She can say she contracted something from us....LOL. (Laurel) (I've kinda taken this over!!!! And I only allow select people access to this photo album, for obvious reasons!)

Warrior Ivanoff Chipil's Camping Photo

​Ivanoff shared this photo with all of us and mine and Moira's parents. He took this while on holiday with his sons. He explained that purple trees, with pink-purple foliage are protected since they provide oxygen. Red trees are commonly used as headboards because they are soft enough to carve family history into them. Blue trees are prized for their hard wood. There are other colors of trees too, but green trees like what are common on Earth are common in only a few areas on Pzianian.
​                                                         From our hike on 11/20

​This is where my captain of the guard, Bomb, brought me, Bryony, Kodiak and five other warriors to go hiking.  (One of the warriors couldn't squeeze through the entrance!)  He's standing guard out front. The warrior isn't fat, just muscled like a tank truck.

Bomb says very few Pzian's know about these tunnels anc caverns. This is the third cavern.  There are miles of passageways and caverns within the mountain. Not all the same.  I can't wait to come back and explore some more.

I thought that was a giant butterfly on the rocks, but it's not! It's all so pretty. (And snakeless!)  I wish Moira and the others could have come, our families too.

Outer Space Picture Ellie Snapped

​Ellie says this picture makes her think of a hundred suns just before a storm. I'm not entirely clear what she means by that, but she has an active imagination. Guess it comes from being an author. I think of a mad scientist gone crazy with lightning bugs. We suspect she'll find some way to work this into one of her upcoming novels. It's pretty.  She really is a romantic and is says Bronis is the perfect man (alien). They are adorable together.
​I moved this picture from my journal to here. It's one Aaliyah took of the Orion. She says it looks like there's a storm brewing there.

​I wonder if I can find somebody here on Pzianian who can draw this in oils. What a beautiful picture to place in home.

A Tree With Brown Bark!

​Here we were thinking all the trees were either some shade of pink, purple, red or blue! Low and behold here's a brown tree with green leaves!!!! Bomb, the captain of my guard, told me it looks like that because it's dying. I told him to give it some water and T.L.C.

I bet if I look hard enough I might even find some green grass! I like the thought that some of the beauty on Earth can be found, thriving, here also. .

The Galaxy Hunter Warship

​The Galaxy Hunter is one of more than 250 warships in the Pzianian fleet. It is an older model, but happens to be Fleet Commmander Slotan Scorpak's favorite since this ship was his first commission. The Hunter can carry more than five hundered warriors, but in times of peace, maintains a crew half that size. The newer warships are larger and carry more warriors and support ships. Not all of the warships look like this one. Co-Commander Traven will be appointed Commander of the Galaxy Hunter when Slotan remains planetside. 

​Part of a fish washed up on shore.

​This horrifying fish was discovered on teh bank of one of the colder lakes. We're told it died of old age and not to worry because they prefer the deep part of the lake. Slotan's eldest son tells me not to be fooled by what the warriors are saying. He says we're perfectly safe to go diving. Still, Moira and I have decided we won't go diving unless we have harpoons and the guys with us.
​                                                        Pzianian leaping snake!

​Xinu got a headshot of one of the snakes that invaded Moira's beautiful wedding at the lake. They hiss, they have fangs, and sharp claws. They also travel in pairs or family units. Althought they have front feet, the rest of their body is long and slithers like an Earth snake. They use their tails to launch themselves upwards. I'm told they're not poisonous to Pzians, but haven't had clarification as to whether that includes humans.

​Pzianian   horcht

​Got the scoop on this one from Slotan's oldest son. He says the Horcht's motto is: Gonna get you. Want to get my claws around your throat and bleed you dry. Then I'm going to feast on your flesh.

He of course told me this out of concern so I will look at the sky when I go out for a walk. I asked Bomb about this (didn't want to tell Slotan what his son told me), and he said they live in only a few areas on the planet and not anywhere, even remotely close, to where we are. He also said they have a dedicated band of warriors who work to eradicate them. The problem is that they lay dozens of eggs in well concealed spots. It's a never ending battle, but their warriors have all the gear and equipment needed to protect themselves and to keep them from overpopulating and spreading out.

​So why would Slotan's son want to scare me like that? He's still a boy and maybe he thinks it's funny to scare the female aliens. So Pzian boys aren't all that much different than Earth boys.

​Olivia and the other honored guests decided to fashion the indoor  pool after one they remembered viewing in a magazine on Earth.  Taking this design, they modified it and made it more rectangular so the hard surface area would be wider--enough to accomodate several pool tables. Slotan and L.C. are working on designing the pool tables, one of which will be like the one Slotan played on when he traveled to Earth with Kodiak to eliminate the bagallard who was behind the attack on Kodiak. That particular table's legs were carved and the pouches for the balls to fall into were modified to look like a lion's mouth, making it more challenging to get the balls over the teeth and into the pocket.
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