​Fleet Commander Slotan Scorpak, of the Galaxy Hunter, has been dispatched from his home world of Pzianian in order to verify resources on planet Earth, and determine if Earth's world leaders are mature enough to enter into equally beneficially negotiations for resources. Twice each century, Pzian scientists have sent probes to Earth to track our progress, and believe we may be open enough now to accept that other races exist in the universe. 

​Slotan's mission is two-fold. One to verify resources and technology, and two, to bring back willing Honored Guests who can provide guidance for upcoming negotiations. Pzianian Leader Thalmar does not want politicians to return, rather individuals in specific fields of expertise. 

​What Slotan doesn't expect is to come across a sexy, fun, opinionated, intelligent, frustrating human female who sends his universe into a tailspin. 

Earth locations are Texas and Santa Cruz. .
​These books are a space/Earth soap opera series. Much of the books take place on Earth. The first two books do contain a lot of sex scenes. All books are for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.   


​​.​Identical twin brothers, Breneem and Bolano Scorpak, have led lives of constant rejection by females of their own race. What one twin wants, so does the other. Pzian females do not tolerate their foolishness. They are, both sexes, a warrior race.  When a female had chosen one brother over the other to enter into a breeding contract, the chosen brother has always walked away out of fear of breaking their bond. The duo believe they will never breed younglings.

Moira MacKenna, marine biologist, is abducted, mistakenly, when her cousin Laurel escapes Commander Slotan Scorpak and transports back to Earth.

​Both twins want the curvy Moira, who is working with Laurel on a new escape plan. Can they win her heart and convince her to stay? Will the twins know how to deal with a human female who is not interested into entering into a breeding contract? How will Pzian's react to a trio? Currently, less than 10% of the Pzianian population follow the ancient tradition of single-family units. The Scorpak brothers were not raised in such an environment. Their father bred with seven females.

​Earth locations: Santa Cruz and Gibraltar.


.​Pzianian Warrior Zepar Scorpak is an elite assassin, security officer, and communications expert. He has located a pair of honored guests to return to his home world--if they don't kill him first. 

Military brat, Olivia Lynn Phillips, is an undercover  communications expert who supports her godfather, Kodiak.  She is well trained both in her career and personally, and is  well protected. 

​Zepar decides he wants Olivia, but she doesn't care for his high-handed attitude and threatens to shoot him. Her godfather runs constant interference and teaches Zepar what happens when he messes with his goddaughter.

​Can Zepar convince Olivia they belong together, before her godfather or she kills him?

​Like the other books in the series, this book also takes place on both Earth and on the Pzianian transport ship.  One of  the places this book takes us to is Hungary.

​Earth locations: Virginia and Hungary.


​​​Pzian Warrior-Gorgo is also tasked with returning an honored guest. He has been battling his attraction to Laurel MacKenna, his eldest brother's chosen female, and is ready to challenge Slotan for her. Laurel is his first true-love. Laurel is unaware of his feelings for her.

Dr. Jenna Roberts, child prodigy, specializes in prosthetics and neurosurgery. She has led a lonely life and is convinced she is incapable of forming a lasting relationship. That is until she meets the handsome alien healer. 

Can she capture his heart or will her insecurities hold her back? Will Gorgo find her an acceptable replacement for his first love, and come to love her? Will Jenna's unspoken concerns when she sees how Gorgo looks at Laurel, seek her to return to Earth? Or will she fight for what she wants?

​Earth locations in this book include Canada and the East Coast, specifically the Blue Ridge/Smokey Mountains.

​Earth locations: Blue Ridge Mountains and Canada.

​Pzian Warrior Phataz, chemist and botonist, has a chip on his shoulder towards human females. He considers them weak, useless, deceptive, and unworthy. Phataz fails to understand what his brothers find so fascinating about  human females, when Pzian females are far superior. He wishes nothing more than for his brothers to come to their senses, and intends on helping them see the light.

Bryony Johnson, chemist and botonist, is working with her sleazy, blackmailing partner in the Amazon Rainforest when she is abducted. The only reason Phataz took her instead of her male partner was because he overheard their conversation and realized the male was self-serving and a disgrace.

Surprisingly, Phataz finds himself drawn to Bryony, but will she want him when she discovers he has already made arrangements to breed with a Pzian female when they return to their world. Phataz does not want weak offspring and that is what he expects if he were to breed with Bryony.

Will Bryony accept his proposal to be at his disposal while he breeds with other women? Or will she choose a warrior who wants only her? They way Phataz abducted her leaves her in a position that if she demanded to be returned to Earth she would be arrested for theft of grant money, equipment. Her career would be ruined.

One of the fun locations in this book is the Amazon Rainforest.


​​​Pzian Warrior J'Quil Scorpak, Senior Technical Officer, has been busy uploading petabytes from Earth's computers, when he is blindsided by a female, human, hacker. Not since his early days at the academy had anyone ever been able to breech his systems. Although, he already located two potential honored guests, the mysterious Samantha Lane Linder, who hadn't even been on his radar, has captivated his attention.

Samantha has no idea what she has hacked into, but once she realizes she has been discovered, she flees. Now, J'Quil is  on the hunt. When he breaks into her home, he discovers she is more than just a very talented hacker and that she holds the key to saving his planet.

​The problem now rests with how to track her down, convince her aliens exist, and get her to agree to help. Kodiak has explained that if she is stressed or scared that her precognition may not come at all or may not be accurate.

​J'Quil and his brothers have to learn to reign in their warrior demands and handle Ms. Linder with respect and tenderness. J'Quil, upon seeing her has no problem with wanting to treat her as a delicate, beautiful, human woman.

​Will she accept him or continue to run?  Earth locations include Silicon Valley, Monterey, and the Navajo Reservation.


​​​Co-Commander Traven Scorpak must chose between an upcoming promotion to Commmander of his own warship, or the life he has witnessed his brothers embrace with a human female. 

​Veronica (Nica) Rose Archer, political analyst, has never given much thought to life beyond Earth. She is part of a very loving, protective, and close family.  Nica can't imagine life without them.

​Traven finds pursuing Nica is hazard to his health and everyone around her. She is the definition of a walking disaster area, not to mention she has a stalker with a vendetta against her police detective brother. Her stalker wants her dead. 

Will Traven survive being hit by Nica's stalker's huge truck? Will Nica be saved before her stalker gets her into the cabin in the mountains, tortures her, and then kills her?

This is the last book in the first set. This IS AN EXTENDED STORY that includes their trip back to Pzianian and arrival. Plus a Kodiak's beginnings.

​Check out the rest of the sight, particularly the pictures which are added to off-and-on, and Laurel's Cafe to catch up on the latest gossip. 


​​​What's not to love about the scary, ruthless, badass, human undercover agent/assassin, who shows no mercy to those he deems guilty? He may not be as fast as the Pzian warriors, but he is just as deadly and quite capable of putting them on their asses. Kodiak is deadly and has no problem delivering death, especially to anyone who thinks to mess with his goddaughter, Olivia.

The Pzian warriors believe Kodiak is a descendant of one of the Navajo Gods, as he is gifted with abilities they never knew existed, except in the realm of the gods and goddesses.

Kodiak walked away from his one true love many years ago, fearing she would be targeted by ruthless dictators or cartels he has brought down.

Olivia is the daughter of his childhood friend, Robert Phillips. Knowing he would never have children, and that Robert was capable of ensuring Olivia's safety, Kodiak accepted the role of Olivia's godfather. He and her father trained her to defend herself fromt the time she took her first steps. When Olivia's father was killed in action, Kodiak became her sole protector. Olivia's mother died months after Robert was killed. 

​Will Kodiak deem Zepar, who he has put on his ass not just once, but twice, acceptable to court his goddaughter? Or will Kodiak decide to just kill him and return to Earth with his goddaughter?

​In this short, bonus story, you will learn how Kodiak came to be an undercover agent, with never applying for the position, and who Isabel is to him and what they shared.